Magic Happens at Hull

5 Pax gathered for a sub 20 degree morning. Ok, it felt like it was sub 20. Definitely in the 30’s. Low 30’s. Today was Grey’s Anatomy. Time to stretch and work on those abs. Regularly Grey’s Anatomy Q was not coming. Disclaimer was given.

We moved gingerly this morning as the cold wind was cutting. We concentrated on our abs and stretching while attempting to remain warm. Frostbite kicked in though. Flutter kicks were done. LBCs. TinMan. Stretching legs.

We can’t talk about the details of today’s conversations. Come find out for yourself.

  • Rip-off workout pants
  • Rocky Balboa
  • Trayvon
  • “That can’t be Hamm. Does Hamm still workout?”
  • Thug Life
  • Police did circle Hull
  • Unmentionable body images left over from a 5 year old birthday
  • Poles
  • Magic Mike Hamm “Let’s see if I still have what it takes”
  • Chewing Nicorrete regularly led me to become a smoker
  • Is Snus really a better habit?
  • 0.0 turned into .35 miles but all walking or squatting or looking for contact lense
  • Can we do 100 SSH?
  • Figured out the feature to call 911 on an Apple Smartwatch should be turned off prior to doing merkins.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands well after this workout.
  • When it is cold outside, Matlock gets ornery.
  • Poor day to choose the button up workout pants with buttons down the side.
  • “Hamm you good?” “Give me a second while I button up”

Fellas, add more below in the comments if I have left anything off.

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