Last Minute Q

Pax was 7 strong. Quite respectable for a shuffle.  Lots of chatter With the Pax excited to hear about Guppy’s trip to China.  This delayed our start which was fortunate for the late arriving Hamm.  Without an assigned Q, YHC was voluntold by Twinkle.  Perhaps in response to missing back blast from Monday.

Quick COP with 20 SSH and 20 TTT both in IC

Shuffle was through the neighborhood.  3 pain stations.  Hamm requested burpees and wish was granted

1st stop was 15 burpees and 30 SSH IC

2nd stop was out Wednesday AO with 10 burpees and 30 LBC IC

3rd stop was 5 burpees and 30 Freddie Mercury’s

Total distance was greater than 3 miles.  YHC is struggling to use the new watch and was late on starting the Strava app.  At least emergency services were not contacted.

Completed a fairly official COT for a shuffle with countarama, namarama, pledge and prayer. Only thing missing was a flag.

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