12 days 3 led

Simply put we were all ready for this, three showed early. The RH flag should be making a debut here soon. Tofu and Friar Tuck mumble chatter life changes and why it truly is a blessing to have eaten the apple second.

12 days of Christmas with 3 Q’s

1st day Burpees: Salmonella

2nd day LBC’s: Friar Tuck

3rd day Merkins: Tofu

4th day Mountain Climbers: Salmonella

5th day American Hammers: Friar Tuck

6th day Air squats: Tofu

7th day 7 x 5 yards = 35 yard dash: Salmonella

8th day Box cutters: Friar Tuck

9th day Lunge walks: Tofu

10th day Overhead press: Salmonella

11th day hello dolly’s: Friar Tuck

12th day Decline pushups: Tofu


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