A Christmas shuffle

10 pax met in the gloom this morning for Christmas shuffle.

Words like “Christmas miracle,” and “ largest group ever at a shuffle,” and “immaculate” were used. Until we got started and then words like “ make it stop,” and “Christmas miracle my @*%” were used.

But overall I think everybody really enjoyed the shuffle.

~ at Daffin park wherein we did some stretching and gave the disclaimer~

After around of side straddle hop in cadence some dynamic stretching and a very eggnog influenced disclaimer were given we mosied on from Daffin to Hull Park via Washington and Atlantic.

~At Hull Park Wherein a swarthy group of men completed some Christmas Merkins~
At Hull Park we circled up and did a round of Christmas Merkins. Which are just like regular Merkins but we did as many as we could while singing jingle bells. After a few LBC’s we were off to the next park via Atlantic Avenue.

~ at the end of Atlantic Avenue in an unlit and unnamed park wherein we thought we would lose our lives, but ended up singing some more Christmas songs instead~

We gathered round and did some jump squats to the tune of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Then we got on our six and completed flutter kicks to the tune of joy to the world.

Some local joggers and dog walkers were impressed by our efforts and singing.

~ minor stop at Hamm’s house wherein 10 lusty baritones sang out we wish you a merry Christmas ~

Upon arriving at the Hamm residence we lined up on the sidewalk in front and performed another round of Christmas Merkins. We heard that he was having to leave early and was not able to join us this morning but it seemed as though he was just using that as an excuse to fart sack. We did not see any lights on in the home or any packing seriously taking place, but we did receive a round of applause from someone sitting in the car in front of the house. Upon completion of our exercise we ran to Harmon and up to Solomons park.

~at Solomons park wherein we tried to complete Burpee‘s to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas~

After much discussion proceeding up Harmon the general consensus was that if we tried to do one burpee for every verse and every gift of Christmas we wouldn’t get back in time to have our coffee and strudel for breakfast. So we began with the last verse and completed 23 Burpee’s with 12 lords a leaping and 11 pipers piping. Then we promptly skipped the five golden rings and completed five, four, three, two, and one Burpee to round out our morning workout. We proceeded thense to the beginning Daffin park.

~ at Daffin Park wherein we completed our work out with a COT, name o Rama, count off, and pledge~

This is the end of my overlong back blast.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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