Deck of Pain

Weather was cold, the wind even colder, and the Q was late. It was nice having a guest post with us on our first workout of 2018, welcome Dreamliner, and an FNG was expected. Anticipation was high!  PAX circled and began warming up with SSH and a plank Disclaimer. Still no Q and no FNG. Merkins (I/C) then Imperial Walkers (I/C). The Q arrived claiming to be on time.


SSH (I/C) Q didn’t know we already did that. Some kind of squat jump starfish thing was called. We moved on and lined up at the starting line.


A deck of cards were presented but not the normal cards you’d expect.  These had pictures and words, the kind that describes some kind of painful thing to do.  At the starting line we ran in place for some time, while the anticipated FNG pulled in. Bunny hop to next peninsula.  A round of Dead man lift Merkins, duck walk to next peninsula. LBCs and a lot of them. Sprint around the end cap and back to first peninsula. Freddy Mercury and mosey back to the start. Rinse and repeat the full course. Random Card draws included squat jumps with knee Tuck then Bear Crawl. Plankarama and Lunges. More cars and back to the flag for Mary.


Countara, namerama, pledge and prayer.

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