Work & schools got a snow day, but the gloom didn’t

Conditions: 28 deg F, slight wind chill made it feel less than that

The south is not equipped to handle ice and snow very well, so the threat of winter weather shut down schools and many businesses today.  In the interest of safety, the question was asked should we cancel Breakfast Club.  The PAX responded with a pretty solid no.  Rain or shine.  Hot or Cold.  Always Outdoors.  The Pooler PAX upheld the Core Principles.

Of minor observation, YHC was able to workout with F3 Twin Cities recently during a business trip.  They had a December warm spell that gave a 19 deg F morning workout.  YHC had 5 upper body layers on.  The Twin Cities PAX had shorts and t-shirts.  All of the Pooler PAX today were layered with hoodies and pants and thicker than normal gloves.  Mad respect to the northern F3 regions!


SSH OYO for ~ 1 minute … disclaimer given

MNC * 20 IC

Chinooks * 15 each way IC

T^3 * 15 IC

Peter Parker Parker Peters * 4 IC

The Thang

4 stations circling around a center 5th station.  Partner up.

P1 performs one of the 4 station exercises while P2 stays in the center doing an Air Chair with Overhead Hand Claps.  Flip flop partners when P1 returns to center.

Station 1:  Bear Crawl about 25 yards, Crawl Bear back to center 25 yards

Mosey/Run to Station 2:  15 Kettle Bettle swings with a cinder block.  Mosey to center.

Mosey/Run to Station 3:  15 power clean & jerks with a cinder block. Mosey to center.

Mosey/Run to Station 4:  Log flip from light pole to pole and then back.  About 12 flips each way, 24 total. Mosey to center.

On second cycle of stations, replace Air Chair Claps with High Planks

After completion of 2nd cycle, return to the flag for a round of Mary.  Keep feet off the ground the entire time.

American Hammers * 15 IC

Flutter Kicks * 15 IC

LBCs * 15 IC

Hello Dolly * 20 IC


Count-a-Rama (8 PAX), Name-a-Rama, Announcements, Pledge, Prayers

After the workout, the sleet and snow came.  The Pooler Shovel Flag experienced it’s first snow ever as well.  Pooler received between 3-4” of snow total.


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