Bearmuda Triangle

54 Degrees and clear

7 PAX posted for a triangle of pain. Moaning and groaning about the Dawg loss was prevalent. Disclaimer given enroute


Morocon night clubs x20, Chinooks x10 reverse and repeat, TTT x15, Don Quixote x15

The Thang

Mosey to wide spot in the lot. At first peninsula, SSH x 20 & Burpee x 10 then bear crawl to second peninsula. SSH x 20 & Merkin x 30, Bear crawl to third Peninsula. SSH x 20 & LBC x 30. Bear crawl back to first peninsula. Rinse repeat X 5 cycles alternating Bear crawls with Lunges each cycle. It was as awful as it sounds. All Pax finished strong.

Mosey the long way back to flag for Marys. Freddy Mercurys IC x 20, Back Planks, and some half plank with alternating legs in the air thing.


Anouncements , pledge, Prayer, and welcome to Crop Duster who is transferring from Bluffton. Prayers for Deuce’s wife upcoming surgery and family concerns.

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