From Mittens and Stocking Hats to Ranger Panties

If you looked from afar at the 6 PAX in attendance this morning you would first ask, “What is going on here?”, secondly you may ask,”Strange why 6 men are meeting in a community park at 5:30 in the morning” and lastly you may ask, “These men are dressed from mittens and stocking hats to some wierdo in really short shorts and a t-shirt. These guys can’t determine if it is last week’s winter snowy weather or the normal January Savannah weather where it’s a balmy 58 degrees at 5:30.” My question to this individual would be “Why are you staring at 6 guys in a park?”

The disclaimer was given around the shovelflag with no changes to YHC status as a professional. During the warming up, I asked if the PAX would prefer to do the scheduled “Greys Anatomy” workout or do a Bootcamp style. The comments ranged from “just stares” to “I didn’t come here to make decisions, I just came to do whatever the Q tells us to do” to “you actually have something planned?” These comments and my lack of posting due to an ankle injury led me to a Bootcamp workout. I had already run prior to this workout so let’s keep the heart rate and suck going.



  • 4 Rounds all for time
    • 800 meter run (or twice around Hull Park)
    • 49 Merkins
    • 49 BBSU
    • 49 Squats

F3 Savannah’s Maupin’s Results

  1. TwoPack – completed w/ 32:47
  2. Matlock – completed w/ 33:55
  3. RainbowRow – completed w/ 36:17
  4. RedRyder – 3 rounds w/ 35:38
  5. Guppy – completed w/ 36:47
  6. Twinkle – 3 rounds w/ 32:30


The privilege to lead is always humbling with this crew. Appreciate the opportunity.

RedRyder was dressed thinking it going to freeze. YHC was dressed as if I was ready for a swim in a pool.

RainbowRow left his pink mittens on the curb for us to use as a start point. Thank you.

It must be embarrassing taking the shovelflag as everyone scatters quickly when it comes time to retrieve it and be responsible for it until we meet again. It was suggested to plant it in Hamm’s yard. The thought had been considered to give to Hamm’s wife since she was out in the gloom bettering herself with a friend.

A few other things were said that were memorable and mentionable but it’s best left to those only who showed. Come out next time and experience for yourself.

Prayers for:

  • Rainbow Rows mom’s sister’s husband
  • Guppy’s mother’s father
  • Matlock’s good friend’s family in the passing of the friend’s mother

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