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Brothers Share Coupon Rally

With temps moving below the comfy line; the Pax showed expecting limit expansion and they received a simple yet warming task with two rucks and a sandbag to help, keep the body working, and no time for idle minds.


SSH, TinMans, TTT, MNC

The Thang

Rucks up, the older two strapped the rucks on and we moseyed down the hill to Devaul Henderson Park

At the first Street light, rucks were grounded, the Q asked the PAX want was your one favorite exercise, one mumbled we better be careful, after waiting 7 seconds, Q said taking too long, Merkins, anybody got anything else or should the Q pick more…LBC’s and Air Squats were quickly uttered.

Two Packs began merkins while run grabbed a ruck and ran down to the next light about 100 yards dropped the ruck and sprinted back, next Pax sprinted down, grabbed the ruck and brought it back so on and so forth until the pax completed two sessions of merkins and time with the GR1.

Stage two, Q looked at the 1st Pax, then looked at the ruck on the ground, he immediately grabbed said ruck and took off, the remaining back knocked out hundreds of LBC’s. Rinse repeat until both rucks were down range.

With coupons cleaned in the area, recover, and Retrieval – The Pax then moseyed to rucks location, rucks up, began moseying in the darkness, around tree corner, steadily ridiculing the Q, as they thought he forgot the Air Squats, simply replying, nope did recon, this ain’t over yet.

Stopping at crooked corner rucks were grounded. Brief explanation 200 to 300 yards out there is a sign down range, drop the ruck there and pick up the other coupon and bring it back after you complete 10 over head presses with the new coupon. 40+lb sand bag, while your brothers do air squats. Gave it a RedRyder rinse and repeat, stage two work on all three while waiting, instead of overhead presses complete 20 curls.

As the last Pax, headed out with final Ruck, the two waiting followed after halfway point was reached, due to time constraints, coupon retrieval and a bitchy knee. The Q grabbed the sandbag, the other pax rucked up and we moseyed bag to the flag.


Praying for Friar Tucks oldest 2.0 doing a March in DC, some Pax named squirts or deuce and his M who recently had procedures completed, and to building the Hill.

One announcement, the mumble chatter in the community hasn’t produced a FNG, but has inspired a local lizard corporation to ask us to host a pilot class at their facility. We shall see what transpires.

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