A Cold Run

YCH moseyed over to the workout with FNG no more Maple.  On the way over Maple commented on loving the cold weather.  YHC noticed he had no gloves.  Could it be Maple is setting himself a part from the pax that mysteriously don’t post under 30 degrees?  Could it be that Maple was pumping himself up with no gloves and expressing his love of cold weather?  Most likely, Maple is from Vermont, and the bitter bitter cold reminds him of warm thoughts.  Like waffles.  Or Twinke’s twinkly running vest.

Warm up: 30 SSH IC
Mosey about a mile
30 merkins, 30 lbcs, 30 squats oyo
Mosey about a mile
40 merkins, 40 russian twists, 25 jump squats
Mosey about a mile
30 merkins, 7 captain thors
Mosey back to flag (theoretical flag)

In all, 100 merkins, 3.4 miles, solid core work, and great chatter along the way.
BOM, pledge, prayer (YHC did not count or name o rama on account of cold and forgetfulness).

Moleskin:  Good chatter about the May Mud Run and some general interest in it.  TwoPack verbally committed to the Smoky Mountain Relay in April (sucker).  Great to have Maple come out to two workouts in his first week.  0 – 5+ miles is impressive.

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