Winter is Upon Us

Workout:        1.17.18

Conditions: 37 degrees

PAX: Flat Tire, Brandy Bunch, The Exchange ( Raleigh, NC) , DQ, Woo Hoo, Deuce, Dough Boy, Crop Duster-QIC


30 x SSH IC

25 ea x Arm Circles IC (Forward & Reverse)

20 x TTT IC

10 x Burpees OYO

PAX starts with a mosey over to the back-parking lot, where we assemble and grab a partner.

The Thang:


The PAX paired up start BOMBS between the light poles in the back-parking lot. (1) partner started the workout, while the other ran to the opposite light pole. Upon getting back to the start location, the partners switch, counting cumulative until completing ‘the thang’.

B: Burpees x 50

O: Overhead Claps x 100

M: Merkins  x 150

B: Big Boy Sit ups x 200

S: Squats x 250

The Pax steps/ shuffles a bit back to start at the far corner of the lot and then proceeds with the following, as we run up and down each parking aisle.

Row #1: 10 Burpees ever light pole (qty5) = 50 Burpees.

Row #2: 10 Squats ever light pole (qty5) = 50 Squats

Row # 3 10 Merkins ever light pole (qty 5 ) = 50 Merkins

Row # 4 Mosey

Row # 5 Bear Crawl every other pole (qty3)

Pack then proceeds to mosey back to the shovel flag. Since we can’t stop before time the pax finishes out with:

25 Back scratchers

1 min of superman until time expires.


May 19th – Mud Run


It is always a privilege to get to lead this group. #ISI #SYITG

Crop Duster, OUT!


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