An Oringal gangsta returns

In typical fashion those with further commutes showed first. Six found themselves sleeved and ready for something planned. After the warning was delivered, and a COP, the beatdown commenced with a rum by the trucks then  there were only five with sleeves and one of the original redwoods took the reigns and delivered one of his finest Q’s as he did back in 2015. This transcript was reflected while multiple hallucinations and one minor Merlot spillage it may have accuracy concerns but paints a clear Bob Ross kind of picture.

Two happy Jack’s
MNC, push up bras, Imperial walkers, LBC’s, flutter, kicks, Run, Merkims, mountain climbers, squats.
Q pax is ready
Run, ladder up pull ups, burpees, squats run to a pole and back rinse repeat x3 started with low reps increased SSH, reverse lunges, diamond merkins, thank God we are men dance, forward lunges
Bear crawls right crabs left, lunged, ran to a pole, lunged back right run to a pole further away. And then there was light and a ball was found, we played soccer after three steals or about 7 minutes no more soccer was played. Circled up for V ups, down over towards a side up then in the middle merkins. Four count squats, then we ran down the circle back to the flag. Catipilar Merlin, 80 American Hammers, flutter kicks, Dolly’s, reverse crunch, plank

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