Last one to show, first one to go

At 525am, there was a lone shadowy figure in the park, mumbling to himself about legal precedent and packed line defense.  Something about Jefferson, or king Edward VIII.  YHC could not hear clearly as he approached the AO on foot.  Two other Pax joined YHC in a pre-game/post-game jog from Hull to Daffin (1-mile-ish).  By 5:29am, 9 men had joined for Savannah’s Most Popular Workout.

Our prescheduled Q was called by Old Man River earlier that morning, so a new Q had to be named.  Guppy  pulled in to the parking lot last, and upon exiting his vehicle was declared Q by the masses.  To support his last minute Q magic, YHC is writing the backblast.

Warm Up:
10 Tin Mans each leg, oyo
Some foot forward stretch thing, both feet, oyo

A loud chatter amongst the men took us the first 3/4 a mile to the Ardsley Mall.  Split into groups of 3.  Group 1 sprinted the mall, while the other two did merkins.  Upon arriving at the other end, Group 1 did merkins and group 2 began the sprint.  Then Group 3.

Rinse and Repeated.  Continued Mosey for a mile ish to the Traffice Circle at 45th street.  Same group work as before, with flutter kicks.

Continued Run to circle near Daffin, then same group work, LBCs around the Daffin circle.

BOM, Pledge, Prayer, count off, name o rama

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