Birthday Stations

YHC is a little cynical when it comes to celebrating his birthday, something about how just surviving another year isn’t an actual accomplishment worth celebrating.  When I saw my birthday was going to be on an F3 Pooler workout day, I figured a Birthday Q would start off year 37 correctly and prove that my age isn’t getting the best of me yet.


SSH fast paced * 15 IC

MNC OYO while disclaimer given

Chinooks * 15 each way IC

T^3 * 15 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the playground/picnic bench area.  Rotate through the below 6 stations, doing AMRAP on each paced by the Cinder Block Pull (~1 minute per station).

  • Abyss Squats with cinder block
  • 40 lb sandbag – power clean, 4 overhead presses, throw bag forward
  • American Hammers
  • Farmer’s Carry with 2 cinder blocks to the soccer goal and back
  • Abyss Merkins
  • Cinder Block Pull – hold on to the rope that is wound through the cinder block and pull it behind you while running to the soccer goal and back.  YHC tried to make this smoother by using a cookie tray (permission from the M provided) underneath, but the block just fell off.  The block was all over the place while the PAX ran … glad isn’t wasn’t my yard we destroyed.
  • 30-45 second rest between cycles

4 cycles were completed.  Mosey back to the flag.


CAR, NAR, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Doughboy noted that a proper birthday Q should come with burpees to match the age.  We conveniently ran out of time for those.


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