Monday, Monday, so good to me…

Don’t act like you don’t like that song…  3 met in the gloom for a soggy start to the week.  There was continued discussion regarding the establishment of a fartsack jar.  It was suggested that Matlock should perhaps draft something that would define and, upon execution by the PAX, obligate said PAX to, the terms and conditions relative to the aforementioned fartsack jar and include, but not be limited to, an indemnification of the designated keeper of the jar.  We’ll see if that happens.

YHC is still recovering from a long bout of plantar fasciitis so today’s workout (as all YHC’s Qs for the foreseeable future will be) was a foot friendly workout.



Chinooks x20 IC

Arm Circles x20 IC

Raise the roof x10 IC

Arm Circles x10 IC

Pull the roof down (turns out this is the same as raising the roof – credit to Doughboy) x10 IC

TTT x15 IC

Windmill x15 IC



Work out spells M O N D A Y

Merkins x20 IC

O’s x20 IC

Negative pull-ups x5

Dan Taylors x5 oyo

Ascending Bear Crawls x5 oyo

Y-Raises (Supermans)

…Rinse and repeat



Prayer, Pledge

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