Who’s the Q? Surprise!

So there was a plan hatched to surprise the PAX with a surprise beat down from the legend aka Cachaca.  Mumblechatter was started to get a new record turnout and we were 1 short of tying the record of 12.


After the Disclaimer was administered, there was a comment from Salmonella that his birthday was today, so YHC had to work in 38 Burpees in honor his years on this this side of Heaven.  Along with the Burpees, we mixed in some SSH, MNC, Chinooks, LBC, Merkins, and TTT.  Surprise!  The Q was abruptly handed off to Cachaca.  I’m pretty sure I heard some groans of excitement.


Short mosey and Coupons of different shapes and weights were unloaded.  A series of coupon carry/mosey rounds were ordered.  Some simply carried, some overhead, some fireman carries for maybe 6 rotations.  Circled up for more rounds of COP.  Mosey and more coupon carries.  Mixed in some bear crawls, crab walks, and lunges.

Lined up in double columns for 1 on 1 races.  First was sprints, loser paid with a six pack of burpees.  Second was backward sprints.  Loser paid with six pack of merkins.  There was a short round of Mary with dealers choice of Flutters, reverse crunches holding coupons, freddy mercury, and lastly everyone’s favorite boat/canoe.


Announcements included Third F events: Ranger Run, Night to Shine, YMCA Book Reading, and Mud Run.  Countarama, namearama, including naming FNG- Legs.  Ended with prayer.


There is nothing more than I hate than a workout that makes me really hurt and desire to quit, but on the other hand there is nothing more than I love than the feeling after I’ve completed that difficult workout knowing that I did it.   That’s the feeling I get from a Cachaca workout and I wanted to share it with the rest of the PAX.  I hope all got the same feeling as YHC!  Thanks to Cachaca for making the trek out to Pooler, and you’re welcome back anytime.

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