Hard Hitting H.I.I.T

Enviromental Considerations:

8 PAX had to overcome 45 degree weather, mud, grass, and morning motivation syndrome (or lack there of…)

The Thang? (Workout):

After a brief Warm-up consisting of 10-30 reps of SSH, Merks, Burps, Chinooks, and Windmills. We quickly Moseyed on over to the Soccer field/Pavilion complex. The Meat and Potatoes portion of the morning was three rounds of 60 sec/15 sec H.I.I.T. The 8 stations were 50 yd shuttle sprints, incline Merks, Air Squats, Bench Dips, Military pressing a picnic table (yea..kool), Alternating sledge hammer strikes on a VERY LARGE tire, 50 yd Farmer Carry of two tires, and Tire Penny Flips tire throw .

After this fun time we cooled down with 10 burpees and 200yd sprint.

Closing Ceremony:

We Namearama’d, Pledged, Prayed and went about our days physically boosted and spiritually ready.

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