Four for four corners

Four pax arrived at hull park ready for the return of a twinkle work-out. Expecting the arrival of the pax that had planned a pre-post run on Slack the start of the work-out was a little delayed. After it was apparent that the runners had not made it, YHC was nominated for a Q. The following work-out was performed to best memory.

SSH, Don Quixote’s, Moroccan nightclubs, Chinooks, merkins, LBC all approximately 20 and IC

1.5 laps around the park with alternating sprints and mosey

Elevens at the splash pad steps with tricep dips and incline merkins with box jumps up the stairs between sets. Ear shot modified up due to poor Q explanation

Another mosey around the park with pain stations at each corner with sets of 20 exercises
1st corner squat jumps and European flutter kicks
2nd corner reverse lunges and big boy sit ups
3rd corner forward lunges and pretzel crunches
4th corner hip thrusters? and Freddie mercurys

To the pull ups bars with teams performing pull ups with the opposing team matching the count on squats

To the swings with sets of merkins alternating reverse crunches on the swings. Too many to remember

To the flag
Matlock suggested captain Thors to 7 and 28
Ear shot suggested explosive sit ups. We tried.

Finish with countarama, namarama, pledge and prayer

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