Pull up Tabata?

8 pax showed up including one FNG for a Tabata experience. 49 degrees and light fog  made for a real gloom environment.


20 SSH IC, 20 Chinooks IC, 10 TTT IC, 10 Finkle swings each leg OYO. Disclaimer given and gloves for the FNG by Brady Bunch. Mosey to the Cindy’s and picked up two en route to the playground.

The Thang

Divide into groups of 4 pax each station. Continuous exercise at the station until timer elapsed. Break  just long enough to get to the next station.

1) Haybailer swings with Cindy across the body. (Similar to elf on the shelf)

2) Flutter kicks

3) One leg squats with leg on bench

4) Pull ups

Pax performed said exercises for 6 cycles.

Moseyed back and dropped off Cindy’s. Chilcutts were called out by Deuce while the Cindy’s were being stacked. Moseyed back to the flag. Added 20 merkins and 30 LBC’s for good measure.


Number and namearama, welcomed  FNG as Andale’. Announcements, pledge, and prayed.


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