Just Go

As we waited in the fogging gloom the 2nd FNG showed up, 2nd redwood brought in a Maconite, and as time grew near a hopeful pax knew the traffic in life took out a few. YHC had the Q, planned a random HIIT to keep is moving without 10 counts, simply put just go.

Warning all four points made
COP MNC, Chinooks, 10 burpee penalty because doughboy got lost and was late, 10 Merkins, TTtunnels, Tin MAns, squats all done IC to 17 or 18 unless specified.

The thang
Moseyed to the benches for upper lower rounds. Inclines, step ups, declines, jump ups, Dips, moseyed lake side around the wall back to the cement pad pool was locked so we did an uneven Merkin clock, starting with cliff hanger Merkins then left arm on wall then right arm on wall 10 each.
Moseyed to the RedRyder bathroom wall partnered up, walls squats and 15 burpees. Moseyed to the center of the field, tunnel of love traditional. Lined up again with space for bear crawl snake through. Moseyed on down the field for dirty knee squats. Apparently someone was concerned YHC didn’t lunge enough, so we squashed that. We did 10 jump tucks, the moseyed to the European wall, did a bear crawl catwalk on said wall interesting. Spent some time in Europe with flutter kicks, LBC’s and three rounds of super man’s on the wall. Interesting is all YHC can say, then we chased the Indian run to the swings, everyone did 5 pullups, the we stood on the wood and did butt to ankle squats.
Moseyed back to flag for aboroma everyone lead something until everyone almost puked except YHC who passed and Marley as we we’re out of time.

Countoff, name-a-roma.

We were joined with two FNG’S, and two 2.0’s. Marley come to is for our Tuesday 2nd F, he just about knows what Fuzzy, Doughboy and Salmonella are going to order every time and she’d some light on how almost every third one is free. If RedRyder would post more he would remember his and if you wanted to eat a keto inspired lunch, come join us. YHC has grown alot during these weekly luncheon, if the folks around you are good you become better.

Be a better you, keep posting, over come obstacles, work though whatever is gnawing at your soul, temple or marbles.

Soul is your spirit

Temple is your body

Marbles is your mind

The pain of your past is your strength for today, just go, press on my brother, press ON!

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