Three is a crowd

The pax was only 3 in size, perfect for the planned partner exercises.  Twinkle visited from the Wilmington Island run club AO.  Matlock made the first official deposit into the fartsack jar. YHC arrived last and without the flag. After starting a couple minutes late, the following work-out commenced:

COP: Typical assortment of exercises IC

Catch me if you can (one “partner” running backwards while other one did 5 merkins then sprinted to catch up, then switching spots).  This was unexpectedly tiring.

ATMs then flutter kicks x 25 IC repeated 3 times

Dan Taylor to 5:20


Catch me if you can back accross the field with big boy sit-ups instead of merkins

Dan Taylors again

Finished with 2 sets of pull-ups with Freddy Mercurys between

Finished with pledge and payer

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