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YHC wanted to Q a workout to celebrate being a part of this thing called F3 for 1 year.  Thanks Brady Bunch for inviting me.  Thanks to the other Pooler and Savannah PAX for welcoming me, pushing me, holding me accountable, and allowing me the occasional opportunity to lead.  F3 has become a part of who I am.  The F3 Nation website talks about coming for 1st F, staying for the 2nd F, and growing with the 3rd F.  I couldn’t agree more how that model has worked for me.  I am now a vocal recruiter and advocate for this weird cult-like thing that we do in the wee hours of the morning.  I proudly wear my F3 shirts during workouts when I travel with the hopes that I’ll have an opportunity to talk about it with some random stranger.  I hate working out on my own now.  I get bored if I ever have to just lift weights (which means I don’t, I’ll make up a body weight or coupon routine instead).

That said, we still had to workout today.  Backblast below.


Disclaimer given

SSH * 30 IC

T^3 * 15 IC

Don Quixote * 10 IC

MNC * 12 IC

Chinooks * 10 IC each way

The Thang

Indian Run through the parking lot to the coupons.  Grab 1 log, 2 cindy’s, and the tire.

Team up in groups of 3 … YHC was hoping for an even number of PAX today, but adjusted to 3 groups of 3 when 9 posted.  It made the workout flow a little less smoother than desired.

Each group would choose one of the 3 parking lot lanes and perform the below Dora exercise.  1 or 2 PAX would be at the end of the parking lot lane performing the count exercise while the other PAX would be doing the transition exercise.  After each round of Dora, rotate to a different lane

Lane 1

2 person Log Carry for 2 grass peninsulas; or alternately single person cinder block carry as a modification

Lane 2
Run the full length of the lane with a 40 lb ruck pack (provided by YHC which is actually on loan from Uno in Savannah, not kept with the coupons)

Lane 3

Flip the tire a single grass peninsula


  • Round 1:  75 team burpees
  • Round 2:  150 team merkins
  • Round 3:  225 team squats
  • Round 4:  300 team LBCs

Return the coupons.  Converge at the top of the parking lot lane.  Lunge for one grass peninsula, then sprint to the flag the remaining 2 peninsulas.


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Welcome Porky!  Porky has a goal of losing 20 lbs before his birthday on 3/22.  That’s a Thursday, so on 3/23 for the Pooler Shuffle, we’ll bring a scale.  If Porky is less than 225 lbs, he’ll have the opportunity to be re-named.

Marine Corp Mud Run – May 19 in Columbia, SC.  Teams of 4.  Savannah/Pooler/Richmond HIll would like to send a contingent.  Talk to Doughboy or Hamm if you are interested.

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