Grey’s Divorce?

Some said we divorced the standard at Greys Anatomy but it has always been a stretch / core workout. It may have never been seen as the inclusion of core but the standard hasn’t changed. Grey’s Anatomy remains Grey’s whether there’s stretching or an workout.

Two returned from a 3.5 mile jaunt to the PAX waiting. Rubber on new tread needed to be tested prior to return period ends.

The F3 Shovelflag was planted high above the water park. As pax gathered the conversation led to the location of the OG USA Shovelflag and how one could be so carefree with just handing it to some “Joe” named Earshot after a workout.

Having planned a workout with an actual weinke we stuck to the script with a few modifications. The focus was the core.

  • Absolution
  • LBC
  • ABC
  • FK
  • Floyd Maywether
  • The Dab was saved for next time
  • Some plank work
  • Cpt Thor (finally did 10/40)
  • Saved CPT therkin for next time
  • Weezy Jefferson
  • Reverse crunch
  • E2K for those who missed the stretching
  • Good morning Abby
  • Dolly

Some of these were performed better than others. Some pax had trouble counting the 6ct exercises. Lots of mumblechattering happened the entire time.

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