Q Rambler

The PAX arrived early, one just in time, we spared Liverpool, and the rest of the PAX the10 burpee late penalty as he was technically there on time, he only needed an extra minute to return his ruck. YHC loves this guys enthusiasm, did I mention he is in the fourth chapter, aka 50+. Our Wednesday post was coined combine, long ago at the Market place, when the first Q led our initial; always try to combine upper lower and core. YHC thinks today’s definitely reached that.

COP – MNC, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers, Tin Mans, TTT, Merkins, Mountain climbers,

Moseyed down the hill to the parking lot, lunged to the first island, then bear crawled the grassy island

Rain to the turf field that is further away

Tofu tagged in as Q, 15 merkins, 15 airsquats suicides over with variable speed work

Friar Tuck tagged in as Q, Dips, inclines then intermittent runs, rinse repeat

And then jacob’s ladder starting at the end zone line with one burpee, ending with 5 at the fifty, and back. This saturated our clothes on the front, but I think we all liked it.

YHC took the Q four a rendition of four corners, 5 merkins, next corner 10 air squats, next corner 25 SSH, final corner 50 LBC’s. Each corner all previous corners carried over or we rinse and repeated. During this time Liverpool was asked you ready to Q one, confidently he said yes. YHC still hasn’t seen him winded, are we pushing him hard enough. We were soaked, because the field was so wet.

We arrive back at the first corner and says this is mine, it’s called X, 15 air raide merkins, then sprint across and completed 25 four count flutter kicks, then headed to the other corner rinse repeat,so we drew a big x on the field, the we moseyed back to flag.

Countoff, name a roma.


We have prayers for several, and Rollins over the cuy that recently died, FT said they did not eat it, but we didn’t see the body….Next time you see FT ask him if the chicken last night was tough…

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