Bull Street Sally

This morning’s shuffle is brought to you by the color Green and the Letter S.

8 Pax joined in the gloom for Savannah’s most popular shuffle workout.

(YHC, Twinkle, Two Pack, Rainbow Row, Gepetto, Matlock, Sand Bar, Red Ryder)

Disclaimer given.

After a brief warm up involving:

  • 25 Don Quixote
  • 10 Walking tinman (each leg)
  • 10 Peter Parker stretches (each leg)

We shuffled down 45th street with a brief stop at mile .75 for 25 four count squats in cadence.

The party moved on up Abercorn Street. Across 35th to Bull Street.

We continued to the Bull Street Library where no reading took place except to read the grief and anguish on the faces of the Pax who got on their six in the wet grass for 25 LBC and 25 flutter kicks in cadence. (mile 1.5)

The group made their way back to our starting point a mere 3.5 miles after we started.

Just in time to finish with a round of Sally-up for 3:28 with merkins.

COT, Pledge, count-o-rama, name-o-rama. prayer and finish.

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