In Memory of our Shovel Flag…

4 pax gathered at our flagless AO to kick the week off.  There was some brief discussion about Rainbow Row’s timeliness and efforts that have/or have not allegedly been made to recover the Savannah shovel flag…then the work began.


SSH x30 IC

Arm Circles (small) x20 IC

Arm Circles (large) x10 IC

Don Quixote x20 IC

4 Count Squat x20 IC


Balanced Lunges x15 ea leg

Calf-Raise Squats x5 ea leg

Reverse Grip Chin-ups x AMRAP

Super Skaters x15 ea leg

Wall Squats x20 count

Wide Front Pull-ups x AMRAP

Step Back Lungs x15 ea leg

Alternating Side Lunge x15 ea leg

Closed Grip Chin-up x AMRAP

Single Leg Squats x20 count

Jump Squats x25 oyo

Regular Pull-ups x AMRAP

3 Way Lunge x15 ea leg

LBC’s x30 oyo

Alternating Side Merkins x21 oyo

Freddie Mercuries x40 IC

Flutter Kicks x25 IC


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