Ranger School Memories

Pax: Red Ryder, Salmonella, UGA VI, Chompers (2.0) and Stingray (2.0)

A little late start while YHC prepared Sal to participate in the workout today the request was to take it easy on the feet and back and I think we accomplished it with those areas feeling good by the end.

Warm up:

Chinooks x20 IC/Reverse

Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC

Star Fish (named by Chompers) x20 IC

Low, Right, Left and High Plank x30 sec ea. (Warning given)

Hand Release Merkins x49 IC


The Thang:

Moseyed over to the park bench and did step ups x50 ea. leg.

Moseyed over to the bars and did inverted rows x25 ea. pax while the free man held a low plank.

Lunged over to the flag (~50 lunges)

Bounded in 3-5 sec rushes down the field (~100 yards)

At end did single leg bridge hold x30 sec/leg then bird dogs x20 IC, then Low, Right, Left plank x30 sec ea.

Bounded back down the field in 3-5 sec rushes.

Gathered around flag for:

Lotche’s x30 IC

Airplanes x30 IC

Merkins x15 IC


Countarama, Namearama, Pledge and Prayer.

Thanks for the work today men, another day without burpees, mountain climbers or significant running. Actually avoided most flexion things so Sal should be feeling pretty good. Hope you enjoyed it. This is the anniversary of my Ranger school graduation so this was a mix up of movements and exercises that mimicked some of Ranger school.

1 thought on “Ranger School Memories

  1. Salmonella

    Good times the core definitely helped the back.
    I’ve done more Cobra’s, bird dogs, land Bridges and lochte’s about every three hours today. Two more at sets before bedtime.

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