21 Lunges

11 pax posted for YHC’s adaptation of 21’s. 51 degrees and clear. Light rain overnight washed SOME of the pollen down.


Chinook x 12 reverse and 12 more

Tunnels x 15

Morocan night clubs x 15

Don Quixote x 15

The Thang

Mosey to the coupons. Everyone picked a Cindy. (We only had one left, if everyone from the AO post we will need more coupons and that’s a good problem to have)

20 Cindy curls and 1 Merkin at first parking lot peninsula. Lunge with Cindy to next peninsula and do 19 curls with 2 merkins, lunge to next peninsula , 18 curls 3 merkins and so on…When the end of the parking lot is reached, move to next lane and return, working your way back hitting each peninsula until the 21 reps have flipped.

Unfortunately we ran out of time before 21 were finished. Next time Q will shorten the lunge distance in order to complete the 21’s. Or, the Q will keep it the way it was because he loves to hear the mumble chatter about the lunges!

Return Cindy’s and mosey the long route back to the flag.


Count, name, and pledge. Prayers for Porky and his heart condition. Discussed having a recurring 2nd F on the first Friday of each month. Lunch at a location TBD. This is a awesome group of men that I’m proud to be part of.

A fun time was had by most.



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