Another cold morning (Happy Pie Day)

Pax: Salmonella, Tofu, Clinch, SeaBass and UGA VI (Q)

5 pax gathered in the gloom, lamenting another cold day here in the Hill and why one of our very own pax would succumb to peer pressure and make such drastic changes in his appearance just to please a potential employer.

If the Q was better he probably would have a come up with a better workout to celebrate Pie day but he is not a professional and the price was right for the workout today. Happy Pie day.


Moroccan nightclub IC x20

Chinooks IC x20 ea. direction

Flat jacks IC x20

Low Plank x30 sec- warning given

R Plank x30 sec

L Plank x30 sec

Hand release Merkins IC x20

We moseyed down to the field and finished warming up with sprinting the field at 50% then 75% and finished at 2 sprints at 90-95%.


The Thang:

5 stations that we rotated through.

  1. 35# med ball squat, lift and toss over R shoulder then repeat over L shoulder and alternate x10 reps followed by a sprint down the field and back.

2. Merkin and them drag 40# sandbag through with R arm, Merkin and then repeated with L arm x10 reps , followed by sprint down the field and back.

3. 80# bent over sandbag row x25 reps, followed by sprint down and back.

4. 45# water jug carry in each hand, half way down the field and back, followed by sprint down and back.

5. Long jumps out 10 yards and back followed by sprint down and back.


Then we circled up for some finishing work:

Flutter kicks IC x20

Single leg glute bridge OYO x20 ea. leg

Side lying V-ups IC x10 ea. side

Single leg glute bridge hold x30 sec ea. leg

Low plank x30 sec

R side plank x30 sec

L side plank x30 sec

High plank x30 sec

Airplanes IC x20

Cobra’s (prone press-up) OYO x10


We then moseyed back to the flag for Countaram, Namearama, Pledge and Prayer by Tofu. Prayers for Sal this morning that his job interview goes well even though certain company policies are worrisome.

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