Snake in the Grass

Conditions:  39 deg.  Wet grass.  That mattered during The Thang.


SSH * 30 IC

Disclaimer given

Moroccan Night Clubs for about 1 minute OYO

Chinooks * 10 each way

T^3 * 15

Single foot 4 count hops (try to make a cross) * 10 each foot

Ti arrived late … given that this was his 2nd posting, we gave him a warning that future lateness results in a penalty.

The Thang

Mosey to the soccer field

Start with 25 box jumps onto the picnic bunches.  Try not to flip over the picnic table.

At the soccer field, get in a line along one sideline.  Each of the following ‘Indian Run’ style chains was performed the width of the soccer field unless otherwise noted.  Advance 10 yards down the field for subsequent chains so that we ‘snake’ across the entire field … shoutout to the old game on early NOKIA cell phones.

  • Tunnel of Love – PAX plank shoulder to shoulder while the last man army crawls underneath.  This was done about 3/4 the width of the field, each PAX tunneled 3 times
  • Inchworm – PAX planked head to toe, last man Bear Crawled to the front of the line.  During this snake pass, finger numbness started to kick in.
  • Duck Walk with Flutter Kicks – PAX did flutter kicks lined up head to toe, last man Duck Walked to front.  Duck noises were optional, comments on Duck Walk form were clearly not.
  • Broad Jump with Inverted Plank – PAX inverse planked (face up) head to toe while last man did a single burpee followed by Broad Jumps to the front of the line
  • Power Skip with Foot Supported Planks – PAX rest feet on shoulders of the man behind him while the last man does Power Skips to the front of the line.  Thanks to Doughboy, we learned the easiest way to form the foot supported line is for all to lay flat, position feet, and then do a single group up merkin.  Our feet are heavy!

Circle up for a round of Piston Merkins … all PAX start in low plank, and then do a merkin (up then down) in sequence clockwise around the circle. We did 10 in poor rhythym.

Mosey to the flag for some Mary.  Freddy Mercuries * 20 IC, American Hammers * 20 each way, LBCs * 30, Boat Canoe * ~5


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