St. Patrick’s Day Eve Morning

7 men showed up the morning before this town makes an effort to cover itself in green liquids and decor.  With the calm before the festival storm, the pax took off into the gloom, with a Q who decided to challenge the group due to a last minute Qing.

Run 1 mile
Clerkins on a curb.  10 for all 4 points of the clerkin compass
20 European flutter kicks IC
10 reverse crunches IC
Run 1.2 miles
25 jump squats OYO
Sprint 25 yards
50 dips, LBCs while half the group completed dips, flip flop
25 jump squats OYO
Sprint 25 Yards
Run 1 mile
10 dive bombers OYO
25 mountain climbers IC
Run .5 miles back to basecamp

Mud Run on 5/19.  Sign up with a team.  Want to go and no team, contact Hamm
Xcel Strategies mentoring opportunities – Sunday from 2-4pm.  See Guppy for details

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