Biggest Group…so far

We had a good size group at 5:25 AM and by 5:30 AM we had 13 plus a pair of 2.0s, thanks for bringing them Deuce! We also had 4 PAX in the respect group today. This was the largest F3 group I have ever seen.  I have been doing this for a few months now, but this was a great turn out.  The temperature was up in the 50s but with the breeze it felt much colder.  Nice to be in Pooler today while they were getting 6 inches of snow in New York.


Disclaimer given then we started with 20 SSH in cadence, then 15 reps of TTT IC, 20 Chinooks IC each way and finished with 15 Imperial Walkers IC.

The Thang

We paired up and started with Dora.  While one PAX was running to the second island, about 25 yards, the other was doing the exercise listed below.

  • Round 1:  100 team merkins
  • Round 2:  150 team LBCs
  • Round 3:  200 team squats

We then took a nice run around the parking lot and back for more Dora.  For the second round of Dora we did the exercise listed below.

  • Round 4:  200 team flutter kicks on a four count
  • Round 5:  150 team mountain climbers, again on a four count.
  • Round 6:  50 team burpees for a strong finish!

We had to call time, but most of the group was done, then mosey back to the flag.


Countarama, namearama, announcements, pledge and prayer, actually ended right on time.


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