Dancing in the Streets

What a bitter cold morning, two pax should up early with various amounts of pre running done to get to the neighborhood playground. We were joined by an avid runner, dressed for the occasion, both pax felt intemidated by the “runner look” and it was true, he is a fast runner.

The warning was brief, certain pax started sweating as our FNG can run two miles in the time it takes us to complete 1.5. the mumble chatter was constant.

We rounded out a good two miles, at a work in progress pax speed, mainly due to dodging cars as we felt the need to run in the middle of the road most of the time. Survival may have been our greatest accomplishment, though our FNG did land a cool name, that he probably hates. You see he failed a boy scout physical at 40, weighed 60lbs heavier than today’s weigh in, fighting genetics he decided to make a change 7 years ago. YHC was tempted to ask if he had been listening to Michael Jackson, Make that Change, as his neon green reflective jacket either had a lot of zippers, or velcro or something, it was nearly blinding, had we not named Glowstick in Pooler, this pax would have been a good one for that option, or highlighter. Yet it was his story that continued, cheated death and started running marathon’s mostly everything has been on his own. His wife told him about a new group starting in Richmond Hill and they had expanded to Buckhead North for a running group. His research lead him to answers he has been praying for a group to fellowship, while hitting fitness and improving upper body as he doesn’t do that solo. Tomb Raider was a given, this guy is so honest he would never rob anything, had he fussed about the name it would have changed to Laura Croft but he took Tomb Raider and had that smile like really, but I get it, Clinch agreed.

COT – all praises, and the team $40 for the pair may be filled for the mud run – pending a dates and calendar check

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