Return of “The Stick”

Conditions: Nice and pleasant



Disclaimer given while in plank position

Merkins (A few in my cadence), SSH X 30, 4 Count Squats X 20, Imperial Walkers X 20, Chinooks X 20 (10 each direction)


Started with an Indian Run down to the light and upon return stopped at the coupons and grabbed all of them…it was a lot. Then moseyed on back to the flag. The workout went a little something like this:

3 groups of 4…unless you had an odd number like we did today so one group had 5

  • One group had farmer’s carry with coupons
  • One group had bear crawls
  • One group had burpees

The group with the coupons set the pace and was set up in one of the lanes while the other groups took the adjacent lanes. The coupon group would mosey down to the intersection and then bring the coupons back while everyone did their respective exercises continuously until the coupon group got back to the start line. Then the groups rotated to the next station. This repeated for the entirety of the time.


5 minutes of Mary did not happen because I got so excited to be back I ran the group until 6:15am.

Pledge and Prayers for Justin’s baptisms, the general season, and for families.

Thanks gentlemen for the warm welcome back and all the new faces. Looking forward to working out with you all for the foreseeable future.


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