Via Dolorosa

(Twinkle; Hamm; Twopack; YHC)

Today is Good Friday. A day Christians around the world remember the death of Jesus.

The message of the Gospel of Jesus is that through the suffering and death of Jesus God defeated the power of death and will one day end all suffering.

Until then, suffering can be redeemed and be brought to good. We get a little picture of this with our workout when “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Via Dolorosa means “way of suffering”

We began our Savannah Shuffle with an opening round of warm up exercises:

20 SSH; 15 Don Quixote;

Ran our first 1/2 mile, then gathered at Grayson Stadium for: 40 merkins; 40 LBC

Completed round 1

Ran our second 1/2 mile, then gathered around the pull up bar for: 11 pull ups; 30 squats; 30 merkins; 30 flutterkicks

Complete round 2

Ran 1 full mile, then gathered in Kavanaugh Park for: 40 dips; 20 Big boy sit ups

Complete round 3

Ran 1 mile back to start and finished with COT; Prayer

Now recovery.

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