The worst raffle ever

To spice up the Saturday workout, YHC created a raffle prize based workout.  Prizes were not appreciated, but everyone was involved and all pushed their limits today.  Great to see 8 pax post to Daffin Park on a Saturday, with a cavalcade of easter egg hunts challenging all HIMs schedules this week.  While we did not hunt for eggs, we found a number of challenging workouts.

Warm Up:
30 SSH ic
15 4-count squats ic
15 merkins ic
down dog calf stretch
30 flutter kicks ic

The Thang:
about 40 exercises were written on a slip of paper, folded with care, and placed in a large plastic cup.  Said cup was shaken, and each pax took a turn choosing an exercise.  Count was determined by time.  First 10 minutes of workout, every exercise was a 50 count, next 10 min, 40 count, next 10 30 count, then 20 and 10 count.  Workout ended on time.

With random workouts being chosen from a hat, it’s not quite possible to list everything that was done.  However, fate hated our chest and shoulders this morning, as 4 of the first 6 chosen were chest/shoulder exercises.  Highlights included 40 jump lunges, followed by 30 jump squats, and 30 lunges.  Salmonella pulled the pull-up slip in the 20 count zone and was only 15 seconds away from a 10 count.  40 count big boy sit-ups also illicit a nice groan.

Count a rama, Name a rama, pledge, prayer

Moleskin:  Great to see Doughboy, Romeo, and Dugout all represent the Brodmann clan.  Red Ryder’s absence was noted.  Lion from The Rock region joined us for  the morning.  Great to meet you, brother.  Solid breakfast at the breakfast place.  Kudos to Salmonella on his impressive weight loss.  Richmond Hill is treating you right.

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