Fun in the Sun (not really)

We welcomed back an old friend we hadn’t seen in a while. (Great Job Mr. Clean for coming back to us from your travelling stint in Augusta) This morning’s workout consisted of Guppy, Mr. Clean, and Twopack

Began the workout with a disclaimer and some warm up exercises. Today we focused on joints and core muscles, with some legs and calisthenics.

All In Cadence:

  • 30 Side Straddle Hop;
  • 30 Moroccan Night club;
  • 20 Don Quixote;
  • 20 Imperial walker;
  • 20 through the tunnel (with clap);
  • 30 Merkins;
  • 30 LBC

From there we moved to a 1/4 mile mosey around Hull Park:

  • Side ways run (Apollo Creeds?);
  • high knees;
  • butt kicks;
  • over under;
  • Mario skip

Moving onto the grass we lined up and did some field work to stretch out and increase mobility in 40 yard increments:

  • Walking Tin man;
  • Side lunge (palms on the ground);
  • forward lunge;
  • Inch worm (10) & duck walk
  • and finished with a round of hip thrusters in cadence 10 each leg.

Moving to the steps in the amphitheater we completed some upper body and core exercises:

  • 25 Incline merkins
  • 30 flutter kicks in cadence
  • 40 dips on your own

Lastly we completed a round of stretches

  • Quad stretch
  • Hamstring stretch on the table
  • hip stretch
  • groin stretch

Finished with name-o-rama, pledge, and prayer.

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