Western Aggression

5 pax over came the obstacles of life not allowing distance, tweaked backs or schedules to intefer with the priority of making one another better. Savannah Pax quit, we guess as Pooler, Richmond Hill, the Boro, and Winston Salem were present and worthy of everything the Q threw out.

Warning, sit it the car, modify but try and do your best.

COP, several knees and backs were making sounds that would be concerning for med students. MNC, Chinooks, air squats, windmills, burpees.

Grab a coupon, head to oak row. Coupons move three rows of trees, mosey back to ground zero. Coupon retrieval bear crawl to first row, lunge to second, bear crawl to coupons. Retrieved, rotated rinse repeat lungr bear crawl lunge. This method continued while the pax rotated through for upper, core, and lower, mixed with variable speed runs for half the allotted time.

Upon finding the floppy disc a plus 30 team against two less than 30 game persued. It was a knuckle biter, close to professional standards were keep. One team mat be sore than the other but the smarter team could play again tomorrow with nothing tweaked beyond what was already tweaked.

Fun was had by all, disappointed lasted for three seconds no one from the Savannah crew showed up to show out but that’s on them maybe one day their priorities will get a reallinement.

Monday lunch was voted on by the pax in an overwhelming majority for midtown deli see you if you dare to arrange to schedule to accommodate.

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