Sprinting on flat ground

Pax was small with several planned absences already expected.  The flag was also missing, although this was something that we had become accustomed to.  This was more than made up for with a return of Madoff after a somewhat prolonged absence.  As there was no Q assigned, YHC provided a makeshift workout as roughly described below.

COP: Several excercises x 15-30 each all IC in typical fashion

Spints around the park with leg workout at each corner.  Jump squats, reverse lunges, hip thrusters, forwards lunges and calf raises

Mosey to the swings. Sets of 5 merkins alternating with 5 reverse crunch with feet on swings

To the pull up bars. Pull-up past max reps with assistance. Spare PAX doing LBCs x 2 each

Mosey to the steps. 25 tricep dips with sets of incline and decline peter Parker merkins between x 4

Finish with typical Mary of several exercises IC

Finished with pledge and prayer

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