Memorial fun run (Feline Rule Enacted)

Four Pax joined today for the SAVshuffle (Well, three Pax joined Twikle’s shuffle already in progress)

After speaking to a neighbor about a warning he received that the park was closed before sunrise (which we have never heard of) we set off to run our favorite hill — the Memorial Hospital Parking Garage.

Disclaimer given (in triplicate) then the feline rule was enacted. (for every feline we see in the neighborhood we do 5 burpees)

Warm up: 20 Walking tin man in place, 20 Don Quixote

We ran 1 mile and stopped for a brief break around the neighborhood traffic circle to do 50 merkins and 50 LBC. (still no cats)

Hit the parking garage and sprinted all the inclines to the top. Rested at the top deck with 25 four count squats in cadence, 30 flutter kicks in cadence, and 25 merkins on your own.

Ran back to our favorite traffic circle on Harmon and completed 50 more merkins and 50 LBC.

Began our final stretch to Daffin and saw 1 cat (stopped for 5 burpees)

made it back to Daffin just in time.

Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, Pledge, prayer, dismiss

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