Squeezing the Haggis

Six pax posted in the morning.  Hard to call it gloom with a beautiful sunrise over the east side of Daffin Park.  Temps were in the mid 50s, the gnats were still sleeping, and the conditions were perfect for a workout.  Hamm took the charge this morning with a series of dirty mcdueces, which was terrible, but not as terrible as the name sounds when you say it aloud.  Alternatives such as squeezing the haggis or throwing logs were sampled, but none stuck.  The thang:

Every man picked a block.  Blocks were not to be put down for the duration of the series.
30 curls
20 overhead presses
20 squats
25-yard mosey with block

Moseyed over to the swing set, where the group was inspired by a small fox riding a large pink bunny.  You had to be there….

7 pull-ups
20 merkins
33 flutter kicks IC
Lunge 15-yards to the cone, and back

Slow moseyed over to the benches

20 incline merkins
20 step ups
30 dips

BOM, Pledge, Prayer

Thanks to Nutter Butter for posting and inspiring us with his efforts in improving the Savannah community through mission work.  Enjoy that roof work in July!  2nd F at breakfast place conversation focused on the joys and wonders of part time jobs as youth and the lessons learned.

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