Cindy arm wrestling

9 Pax posted on yet another cooler than normal morning.


Planked while disclaimer was given. Moved right into dive bombers, Morocon Night clubs IC, SSH IC, Don Quixote IC, Finkle Swings OYO, and Sprinklers (extend arms together in front, twist to one side of the body while lifting and twisting the knee across the body) Kinda like a pretzel, twisting, lower back stretch, thingy. Mosey to the Cindy’s.

The Thang

With Cindy, Overhead press  4 count IC x 20 then Curls 4 count IC X 15. Copperhead to first peninsula. Mosey the long way around the lot back to the cindys

Cindy Press 4 count IC x 30 then KB swings oyo x 20. Bear crawl to peninsula. Mosey the long way around to the cindys

Circled Cindy’s close for abyss Merkins oyo x 20, 4 count rows IC x 15 repeat for other arm. Duck walk to peninsula. Mosey the long way around the lot back to the cindys. Plenty of mumble chatter with the merkins.

OHP and KB swings again, lunge to peninsula. Mosey around the lot and return the Cindy’s .


Number and Namearama, Pledge, Pray, and on our way. Need to EH some of our missing comrades.


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