Five.Five.18 Coupon Switch

With a beatdown planned for 7+ four showed up for a 5x5x18 with coupons and classics. RedRyder, Hamm, and GoGreen Go, lived through and possibly got a good pump from Salmonella’s moderately heavy weight, intense repetitive for form perfection.

A warning was issued, to be modified that should one have the courage to post to one of the premier and hardest AO’s in America, they may want to use bug sauce, as our little gnats bit, we also have no see em’s and sand spurs, so gloves are recommended for the soft hands love or no love use a glove.

So when the redwoods started this thing back in the fall few years back we started collecting knowledge about truth nuggets dropped off from time to time by various pax, and our new assortment of backgrougnds brought many things to the table with our new friends. Some of us have tweaked ankle’s, backs, calves, diets, elbows, forearms, hamstrings, hips, it bands, knees… schedules, toes….and so on and so on….so with some specified aliments, YHC took an approach to use coupons pair with agaonist and antagonist muscle groups.  It may have gone down like laminate, and since the winkie was laminated it can be repeated provided the coupons are available.

COP = Fast MNC, Imperial Walkers, Tin Man, Squats, Reverse Lunges, Merkins, Mountain Climber IC 18

We decided to strut to the circle, RedRyder has feet that feel hurt, Hamm did some weird sex move after the hill billy jog and strained some cord, and YHC was just feeling lazy so again, we mumbler chattered and we got to the circle reeved up and ready to pump.

  • Chest Press Sandbag 60lb OYO 18
  • Ruck Squat 30lb OYO 18
  • Curls Sandbag 40lb OYO 18
  • Jug Lunge 80lb.s OYO 18
  • Burpess, Flutter Kick, High Planks, Al Gore’s, Merkins,

Rinse Repeat, only station five changed at the completion of the four stations for each pax, seems easy, we completed this intensely with 20 second breaks, bad forms were called out and the pax generally looked to complete extra for correct form.

Coupon Carry, the visitor GoGreenGO took the Jugs that’s a HIM, if I have ever seen one, though somebody needs to talk to this guy about golf, coffeeteria is much more fun.

At the flag we continued with Birdogs, Merkins, Supermans’ Plank 0 Roma, Side Planks with Nolan Ryan’s 18 each side, Will you’s, Boat/Canoe’s lead by the legend,  and Cobra’s

Start talking it up, this seems easy, but unless you have been building for months and it some cases years, this would have made you hurt. We smoked the workout, then consumed 45 grams of protein and another 45 grams two – three hours later, and again, and again, and again, to end with a final protein shake around 22:45.

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