Dry mud run

With a shout out to several who have been AWOL lately, 10 PAX posted for some mud run prep.


Disclaimer given while in plank, right into dive bombers. SSH IC X30, Tunnels IC x 20, Don Quixote X 20, Chinook each way X 10, Sprinklers OYO X 30.

The Thang

Mosey to the  playground ( Playground ,Mahaha), Start with 10 pull ups. Mosey to soccer field, First up was Bear crawl inch worm. Pax plank head to toe in a line, last pax bear crawls to front of line and yells for last one to start. With 10 pax it was a long worm. repeat until all had 3 turns. Shoulders burning already. Run lap around the field ending with  high knees through a set of tires.

Pair up and fireman carry your partner halfway down the field, switch and return. Run lap around the field ending with a high knees through a set of tires.

Tunnel of love was next. Pax planked hip to hip creating a tunnel. Last pax low crawl through the tunnel to the front and called out for last one to begin. The tunnel kept twisting which created some interesting mumble chatter. Repeat until all crawled 3 X. Knees and elbows trashed. Run lap around the field ending with a high knees through a set of tires.

Grab a partner and a tire. Flip tire to mid way while partner lunges. Time ran out before we finished. (Only 6 minutes before scheduled finish time.) YHC will have to buy a watch.


We were so far behind on time at this point YHC called for name and numberama while moseying back to the flag. Back at flag with 2 minutes to spare. Monthly second F to be at Flaco Taco on Friday. Pledge and Pray and on our way.

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