If you ain’t first, you’re last

Conditions: 63 deg F, 87% humidity (ball of man at the end of the workout is starting to get funky)

YHC hates running. It’s not even a love-hate relationship. It’s hate-hate. I just don’t enjoy it, even the end of it. But it’s good for us, right? To make the Friday Shuffle more tolerable, I tried to go with a theme to keep the PAX on their toes about what was coming next and a little entertained. I’m originally from Indianapolis, so did grow up watching 1 race per year, on Memorial Day weekend, the Indy 500. I’ve never been to a NASCAR race, but being in the Deep South, I know how much of a thing it is down here. Seemed like enough of a reason to make a race themed workout.


SSH * 20 IC

Ospreys – Chinooks transitioning down to side arm circles – 8 each IC, reverse directions too

TTT * 15 IC

Sprinkler Heads * 15 IC

The Thang

Grab some coupons – Large tire, 40 lb sand bag, 2 5 gallon fuel jugs filled with water, and 4 cindy’s.

Establish a few Race Day Rules:

  • Left Turns Only – On the race track, we only turn left.  Whoever is leading the race can change the course, but it can only be with a left turn
  • Pit Lane – Opposite rules as a real race which requires cars to slow down in pit lane.  We speed up … sprint when on pit lane, either going to the pits or going back to the race course.
  • Flyover Rule – racing events love their flyovers.  So do we in Pooler being in close proximity to KSAV, our great military in the area including Hunter Army Airfield, Gulfstream, and the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum.  The flyover rule is simple … if an airplane passes over head, on departure or approach, stop the workout and do 10 burpees.
  • The race course was the back parking lot behind the stadium.  Pit lane is the lane up to the parking lot.  The pit stop is at the beginning of that lane.

Right before the 1st lap started, American Airlines flight 1665 departed KSAV for Charlotte.  10 burpees.

First Lap

Racing wouldn’t be racing without some drafting.  To simulate drafting, we did an Indian Run through the course.  It quickly became obvious that sharp left turns to change the course right as a PAX was reaching the front of the line was entertaining for all but the sprinter.  Ran for ~8 minutes before a pit stop was called.

Sprint down the pit lane

Pit Stop

A successful pit stop consists of 3 major tasks … jacking the car up, changing the tires, and adding fuel.  To simulate these, a pit crew of 3 of the PAX rotated between the following 3 stations:

  • Refuel by carrying both 5 gallon fuel jugs to the first light pole and back (this was the timer)
  • Change the tires by flipping the tire down the lane, turn around at the same time that the fuel PAX round the light pole
  • Jack the car up by doing power clean and jerks with the 40 lb sand bag

The remaining PAX stepped through the following exercises while the pit crew did their thing

  • Steering check – hold the cindy in front of you, steer left, right, or straight depending on what the Q calls for
  • Fuel Gauge – on your six, feet together, start with them straight up.  Rotate left and right simulating a fuel gauge (or tachometer as 2 different PAX suggested)
  • Partner Derkin’s – One PAX high planks while the other puts his feet on the plank.  Do Merkins.  This simulates the jack (plank) holding up the car (merkins)

Lap 2

Sprint back up pit lane to the track

After a short mosey to gather the PAX in a group, simulate a crash and having to avoid the crashed cars by doing railroad tracks.  Race leader drops into high plank.  2nd place jumps/hurdles over the plank and then gets into plank as well a few feet away.  3rd place hurdles both planks ahead of him, etc.  Continue cycling through several rounds of this.  By the last round, the hurdle jumps seemed to be more over the feet than the back.

Sprint down pit lane.

Pit Stop

Same as before, only change the pit crew up.  We had 7, so the Q stayed to call the exercises for the non-pit crew PAX.

Lap 3

Spring back up pit lane to the track

After a short mosey to the gather the PAX, encounter a Flat Tire.  One of our PAX is of course named Flat Tire.  The rest of the of the PAX had to carry Flat Tire back to the flag.  Putt Putt fireman carried him about 50 yards.  Then the PAX got smart and carried him under his shoulders and legs the rest of the way.

About 75% of the way towards the flag, Delta flight 2145 to Atlanta departed KSAV.  10 burpees.

Finish carrying Flat Tire to the flag.

YHC managed to say workout complete just before noticing a Gulfstream G150 departing KSAV.  10 burpees not required.

2.1 miles completed.



Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Announcements, Pledge, Prayers

Doughboy noted that Memorial Day is soon and we should think about doing a convergence with Savannah and Richmond Hill to do the Murph.

Title image credit:  thechive.com


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