Hillbilly’s Mountain Adventure County Fair!

We started the morning at 68° and 93% humidity. I designed the workout accommodate as many PAX as showed up.

First we went to the ticket booth and got all of out ride stamps for the event. We started with through the tunnel IC, and then shinooks oyo as I gave this disclaimer. We then did Don Quixote’s, Moroccan night clubs, and Imperial Walkers all in perfect cadence. This was to loosen up the shoulders hips and legs for all the fun rides.

This morning we had six rides at the fair. They were set up down the parking lot with a ride at each island. The first ride was the farmers walk with a cindy in each hand from one side of the fair grounds to the other and back, this was also used as the timer. The next ride was at the first island, it was the log flip where an approximately 5′ section of telephone pole was flipped end over end to the next island and back. The 3rd ride was cindy burpee, where you do a burpee as normal but keep both hands on a cinderblock throughout the motion. The 4th ride was so nice you got to go twice, it was the two man log press. This ride consisted of you and a partner placing an approximately 6′ section of telephone pole in your shoulder and pressing it over your head from one shoulder to the other. Then once it was time to rotate you took the other side of the log and waited for your next partner and you got to ride it all over again. Finally the 5th ride was the penny flipper where you got to flip a tire across the parking lot and back while attempting to get the tire to do a full rotation with each flip.

You might ask yourself is the fair over? Well heck no we just took a break to mosey on over to the concession stand by the flag and have a round of Mary’s where each of us got to name our favorite treat. After the food had settled we moseyed on back to the first ride we were on and got to do the whole fair one more time before we had to call it a day.

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