Dividends – Putting in the Work Today will Pay Off Later

The Goo kept many Coastal Empire Pax away with some vacationing elsewhere and others…well who knows. While a downrange Pax from Birmingham called in sick who we expected, we had another DR Pax from Knoxville representing. Clock struck 0630hrs and 5 Pax circled the Flag. Disclaimer given. Expecting 2 more we began anyway. During the COP and in the midst of some SSH, Kisses and his FNG showed up. So we continued with the SSH until they joined in which brought us to a little over 50 SSH. Disclaimer given again for FNG.


All done IC unless indicated: SSH x50; MNC x15; IW x15; Merkins x20-OYO; LP/HP x20 sec each; ST x20

Mosey around traffic circle to picnic benches (keeping Red Ryder’s feet in check and consideration.) At the picnic tables we dips, step ups, dips. Had a conversation with a 69 year old gentlemen who gave us all some encouragement to Keep up the Work. Do the hard work today and it will be to your advantage later.


Back to Flags, picking up the Sandbags. Placed cones in a diamond shape in the field and indicated what the partner workouts will be.

Bear Crawl to each base. 1st Base: Curls (40#); 2nd Base: Merkins; 3rd Base: Lunges or Squats (60#); Home Base: Core (Flutter Kicks, LBCs, etc). – 2 Rounds completed

Placed a line of cones 25 yards from Flags. Partner Work.

  • P1 bear crawl with 40# sandbag to cones and return while P2 does core workout; flapjack;
  • P1 bear crawl with 40# sandbag to cones and return while P2 Sprints back and forth between cones and flag. – flapjack;
  • P1 bear crawl w/ no sandbag while P2 clean jerks 40# sandbag

Back to Flags for 6MoM where Edit from F3 Knoxville led us in Cpt Thor (5/20) and Red Ryder’s favorite Boat/Canoe.


  • Announcements: Murph will happen on Monday at following AOs – Fuel, Anvil & Manic
  • Pledge
  • Prayer (considerations were given to remember the Savannah Metro officer who was tragically killed during a traffic wreck stop; Remembering those who have served and fought their last fight; Remembering those Pax who are currently serving and who are either down range on deployment, having just returned or serving in states)


  • When those who are you elder, stop you in your workout, take the time to speak with them and get to know them and hear what they have to say.
  • When you think you have a certain weight in your sandbag, or someone tells you it is a certain weight…it’s ok to check the filler bag to ensure it is the correct said weight.
  • Sometimes the Q will realize what is planned may be more than what is needed for the Pax or himself can handle so it is ok to modify.
  • TCLAPS to Schrute (Mike Scott) for attending today. He is at Ft Benning currently in his first year of service.
  • Doing this workout following a 3.5 mile run will really make is suck.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this great group of men who challenged me along the way and kept YHC in check while Qng. This was intended to suck which could not have sucked as badly as a serviceman dragging his comrade across a field or ditch or mission but I wanted it to come as close to that in order for us to be reminded of what those who have died in combat or a result of combat have done and those who were with them. I am sure this fell short of it its intention. But I tried.

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