No Gloves Tuesday

5 Pax posted for the inaugural running AO from Pooler. Although YHC and some other PAX had run the route before today was the first official one. Everyone did their own form of stretch or warm up while waiting to see who would join. (Finkle for YHC, imagine that) We left promptly at 0530.

The Thang?

On the way out it seemed cooler than before, but it didn’t take long to warm up behind a good pace set by @dq. Ran along at a steady pace with a few 30 second burst led by @Glowstick.  Chatter was minimal. Finished up back at the Y  4 miles later, slightly above the 9 min pace, and out of gas.


Decided to name the AO “No gloves Tuesday” since no cindys will be involved. We now have something to offer every week day. This AO is for the slow, fast, beginner , or experienced runner. The goal is to get out on the road with friends and run. No expectations of performance. We all start somewhere. Nice view of the flag in the distance. Pledge , pray , and on our way.

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