4x 100’s

7 pax posted in the gloom. 73 degrees , humid but not awful. Maybe we’re adjusting to the stifle.


MNC while disclaimer given. Chinooks, tunnels, Don Quixote IC X15. Finkles x 15 each leg OYO, sprinklers x 15 IC. Mosey to the Cindy’s.

The thang

Circled Cindy’s up for abyss Merkins x 25 then SSH x 25, run to corner of parking lot. Imperial squat walkers (awful) x 25, SSH x 25, run to second corner. Plank jacks x 25, SSH x 25, run to last corner. LBC x 25, SSH x 25, return to start. Rinse and repeat 4x until 100 Abyss merkins (yes it was as bad as it sounds), 100 Imperial squat walkers ( YHC may rename them Imperial butt crushers), 100 Plank jacks, 100 LBC’s, and 400 SSH’s. Return Cindy’s and mosey back to the flag.


Remider of the convergence on Saturday, Pledge , pray, and on our way.


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