242 for the Red, White and Blue

242 for the Red, White and Blue. While some pax rested on their day off from work or post poned the “normal” hump day routine, the Pax in the Hill keep it real. With a geeksquad inspired beatdown the majority of the nearly 400lbs of pax completed the task at hand.
Warning delivered 4 points if you need to, be smart enough to, back off and modify.
COP got the juices flowing quickly.
Trotting down to the turf fields too much information was devulged, words were spoken of I can’t do that I have things to do, the pax was lost, YHC pressed on, not allowing doubt, or future schedule to play a role in the here and now. Maybe it was something Dredd, OBT, Twinkle, Doughboy, RedRyder said at GrowRuck but it was more something they did alongside Chaser. They accomplished the task at hand with focus and determination of completing that task. Life is coming at us full speed everyday, why waste time complaining or saying we can’t because you can break down the task to sizable task and complete it. YHC can’t eat a 16oz filet mignon in one bit, but little by little the pound of meat would be devoured.

You can do it, and you can recover if you fuel the body correctly.

IC 12 Merkins, LBC’S and BA Sqauts
Rinse repeat x10 with running in between. Set three we did 26 instead of 24.

Go get better, train don’t just work out. Set for a milestone, stay focused crush it and set a new acheivable milestone.

Remember the three rules… always look cool, never get lost and if you get lost look cool.

Embrace the suck, endure what this life brings to you and press on positive. Your family notices, and they will look and follow you be worthy and confident you have a team and last we checked no matter how bad it is your peers haven’t but a crown of thorns on your head, made you carry a huge cross while whipping you. Stand up it ain’t that bad buttercup.

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